Digital copies of items in our collections

We can create scans or photograph items from our collections for you remotely, or you can create copies, scans, or photograph items when using our collections onsite.

Our scanning process

We arrange and produce scans with an average turn-around time of 2 weeks. We add a handling fee for rush orders and other special requests. Donor restrictions and copyright law may prevent us from scanning certain items.

We will scan or photograph items in our collections for all qualified researchers, though some fragile items cannot be scanned.

For theses, we will scan archival copies to replace or supplement circulation copies in the WSU Libraries only at the request of Library Faculty.

Copyright is your responsibility

You must follow applicable copyright law with the scans or photos we provide. The scan or photo must only be used for

  • Private study
  • Scholarship
  • Research

You may be liable for copyright infringement if you use the scan or photo beyond the stated uses. We may refuse a scanning request if we believe it might be used in violation of copyright law.

You must not further reproduce, in part or in full, or make available to others the photos, scans, or copies we provide you without express written consent of MASC staff.

You may not crop or alter to any significant extent any photo that would compromise the integrity of the original image. We are not responsible for the improper or illegal use of any copies of materials from our collections. It is your responsibility to guard against the infringement of rights that may be held by others and for clearing reproduction rights and copyright restrictions.

We do not claim to control the copyright for all items in our collections. We will provide any information we have about copyright to you.

Scanning items onsite

You can scan or photograph items while you are here. Upon request, MASC staff will also scan or photograph items for you. Scanning orders vary in completion time due to size of request and availability of MASC staff. Rush orders and other special requests will have a special handling fee.

Using scans in publications and exhibits

Using scans or photographs in exhibits or publication requires written permission from MASC and may require payment of both use fees and license fees.

Fees for photographic use, for instance in a publication, are for one-time, non-exclusive use only. You must fill out an additional permissions form for further uses.

In all cases of publication, exhibition or other presentation, proper credit line information is required. This includes

  • correct title information
  • name of the photographer, if known
  • negative or ID numbers

Credit must also be given to: “Manuscripts, Archives, & Special Collections, Washington State University Libraries.”

Fees and Request Forms

Please do not submit payment until you receive an invoice with instructions.

Request Fees
Photocopying $0.50 per page; minimum of $10.00
Color photocopying $1.00 per image
Scanning or Photography From $5.00 per image (depending on the format and document size, price to be determined)
Audio & Video Reproduction $25.00 per recording being reproduced
Self-scanning or self-photographing No cost, if arrangements made with MASC staff in-person. Restrictions for fragile original items apply. Proper and careful handling of the materials is required, and we will assist you. You must label all materials resulting from self-reproduction. You take full responsibility for copyright infringement. Material may not be further duplicated without permission.

Processing, and Shipping and Handling

Request Type Onsite Costs Offsite Costs
Processing fee N/A From $5.00.
Shipping & handling fee Negotiable. Large requests or rare, fragile, and oversize materials, will have additional charges $5.00 minimum; Large requests or rare, fragile, and oversize materials, will have additional charges. Rush requests and special mailing instructions require an additional $10.00 charge.

Use Fees

Use Type Non-profit Fee Commercial Fee
Scholarly publication $10.00 $50.00
Physical exhibits & displays $15.00 $75.00
TV, film, or websites $75.00 $125.00
Advertising $125.00 $175.00

Reproductions of MASC materials are subject to a per use image fee when approved for use in publishing, video production/film, exhibits, presentations, advertising, websites, or similar use. In addition, license fees may apply.

Reproduction and Permission Forms

We require you to fill out and return the signed Reproduction Request form before ordering any reproductions from our collections. All reproductions are provided for personal use only.

Publishing scans, photographs, or copies of items in any format — including images, maps, correspondence, or other reproductions from our collections — requires a completed and returned Permissions Request form.