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Making a Gift
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Who do I call?

The Washington State University Libraries have one of the finest research collections in the region. Over the years, the generous gifts of books, journals, CDs, videos, and other collections by donors have enriched the Libraries’ collection in size, scope, and diversity.

How Do I Make a Non-Cash Gift?

Contact the WSU library that best meets your needs or that is located closest to you. The telephone numbers are listed at the bottom of this document. You will be provided with a Gift Presentation form to fill out and given delivery instructions for your donation.

Is My Gift Tax Deductible?

Your gift to the Libraries is tax deductible. However, IRS regulations governing charitable contributions of non-cash gifts are complex. We strongly encourage you to consult legal, accounting, or other professional advisors before you make your gift.

Valuation of donated property is the responsibility of the donor. IRS regulations and Washington State University policy prohibit the Libraries from providing appraisals of gifts.

If you expect to file an IRS Form 8283 for your gift valued at $5,000 or more, you must obtain an independent appraisal and notify the WSU Libraries before delivering your gift. Failure to provide early notification may result in the Libraries’ inability to substantiate your claim on IRS Form 8283 or conform to other IRS reporting requirements.

Gift Policy

Upon receipt, all gift materials become the property of the WSU Libraries. Be assured that your gift will be handled responsibly and with care. Each item will be evaluated by highly trained librarians for addition to our holdings.

The Libraries reserve the right to determine retention, location, cataloging treatment, and other considerations relating to the use and disposition of gifts. Materials not selected for addition to our collection may be donated to other libraries or educational institutions, sold, recycled, discarded, or otherwise disposed of. Proceeds from the sale of unwanted materials may be used to purchase new materials for the WSU Libraries’ Collection.

The Libraries are committed to providing socially and environmentally responsible disposition of materials not needed for our collection. While we are not able to accept gifts exclusively for redistribution purposes, the Library staff will gladly suggest alternative opportunities for donating your collection.

See the full-text of the Libraries’ Gift Policy here.

What if I have an historical or special collection?

Please contact Manuscripts, Archives and Special Collections to discuss potential adoption of these unique items.

Who do I call?

Holland and Terrell Libraries – Pullman
(Humanities, Social Sciences, Business & Fine Arts)
Phone: 509.335.8516
Fax: 509.335.6721

Owen Science and Engineering Library – Pullman
Phone: 509-335-2672

WSU Libraries – Tri-Cities
Phone 509-372-7303

WSU Libraries – Vancouver
Phone: 360-546-9682
Fax: 360-546-9039

WSU Libraries – Spokane
Phone: 509-358-7925

Manuscripts Archives & Special Collections
Phone: 509.335.6691