New Books

Yankuik nemilistli tlen Mexko tlalli
U kon k’ajlayil lu’umil México
The loom of time : between empire and anarchy, from the Mediterranean to China
Design strategy : challenges in wicked problem territory
Uncertain : the wisdom and wonder of being unsure
Animal hospice and palliative medicine for the house call veterinarian
Oribatid mites: biodiversity, taxonomy and ecology / TN: 1475014
Climate, God and Uncertainty: A transcendental naturalistic approach beyond Bruno Latour
Killer Fandom
Politics of India under Modi
Netter's Atlas of anatomy for speech, swallowing, and hearing
Advanced white-tailed deer management : the nutrition-population density sweet spot
Path of the panther : new hope for wild Florida
Many things under a rock : the mysteries of octopuses
Design Thinking and Storytelling in Architecture
Architectonics Books. The Digital, a Continent? : Nature and Poetics
Growing up in public : coming of age in a digital world
Bottoms up and the devil laughs : a journey through the deep state
Making gender : big pharma, HPV vaccine policy, and women's ontological decision-making
Collision of power : Trump, Bezos, and The Washington Post
Rhetorical education in turn-of-the-century U.S. women's journalism
The sisterhood : the secret history of women at the CIA