Is plagiarism wrong? Why should we be concerned?

A nationwide study of plagiarism and cheating in universities revealed:

  • Students and faculty do not see eye to eye on what is serious cheating.

Here’s what other readers of this website have to say about plagiarism at WSU:

  1. “Yes. By copying someone else’s work you are not only cheating them of recognition for the hardwork that they put into it but you are cheating yourself out of learning and improvement of your own writing ability.”
  2. “absolutely, we’re here to earn degrees not steal them”
  3. “Obviously, the writer doesn’t understand plagiarism. It’s the stealing of other people’s words (their work). We all ‘steal’ ideas (and it’s legal). It’s the unique way we have of expressing those ideas in writing, film, music, etc. that is precious.”
  4. “Plagiarism is wrong. But there’s a lot of hysteria about it right now. It wasn’t invented with the Internet; it’s been happening for a very long time. It might be easier to plagiarize now, but it’s also easier for teachers to catch it. It’s an important issue, but has probably gotten more attention than it deserves.”