Fixing Common Online Access Issues

WSU Libraries offer access to many online resources, and many of those require a paid subscription to access. We do that by allowing only authorized users to get to those resources. Authorized users may come from either on- or off-campus. If you’re on-campus, the Libraries will recognize your IP address and pass you directly through to the resource. Off-campus users will be asked to authenticate with their WSU Network ID and password.

I get a message saying I have entered incorrect information

This message shows when the system can’t recognize your WSU Network ID and password, when you don’t yet have a valid Network ID, or when you are not affiliated (not WSU faculty, staff or students). You can try the following options:

  • Re-enter your ID and password. Make sure that AutoFill is turned off.
  • If you have forgotten your password, or your password has expired, you can reset it here: Reset Password
  • If you don’t already have a Network ID, you may need to request one. Information on the requesting process can be found here: WSU Student NID Creation

My user name and Network ID are set up and entered correctly, but I still can’t connect

Page “not found” or “page cannot be displayed” error

A “page not found”, “page cannot be displayed”, or “The site cannot be reached” error message is usually due to a firewall blocking access to the ports that our applications use.

If you are using personal firewall software, such as BlackIce, Tiny, McAfee, Microsoft Internet Connection Firewall, or Norton Personal Firewall, you may need to configure your firewall as described below. Alternatively you can temporarily turn off your firewall, but we accept no responsibility for any attacks on your system while your firewall is inactive. Please refer to the documentation that came with your firewall application.

If you are behind a corporate or institutional firewall, you may need to contact your systems administrator with the port information listed in the table below. They can configure the firewall to allow your computer to communicate with our servers on these ports. Required Ports:

8331 Database lists and search functions
8888 eJournal lists and search functions
2049 – 7000 Journals and databases access

I get the message that my browser is not accepting cookies

Please refer to your browser’s instructions for enabling cookies and JavaScript. Browser interfaces change rapidly; your best bet is to use a search engine and search for the name of your browser and “enable cookies” and/or “enable javascript”.

I get the message that I’m “not allowed to view this resource”

We try to license resources for access by all of the WSU campuses, but there are many exceptions. If you are receiving the message that “You are not allowed to use this resource as it is not licensed for use by your campus” then that probably means that your campus was not able to be included in the license for the resource. If you think that you are receiving this message in error, please contact Access Services at 509.335.9671 and they can check to see if your patron record has been assigned to the correct campus. Please tell them which campus you are affiliated with when you contact them.

Please note: these resources are offered only to WSU faculty, staff and students. If you are not affiliated with WSU we cannot provide remote access.

None of these solutions works for me, and I still can’t get access

Please use the Online Access Issues form to tell us what isn’t working. We’ll try to get back to you within 2 business days.