Services Policies

Ask Us!

The primary purpose of the Ask Us! service is to assist WSU students, faculty, staff, and community patrons via telephone, chat, email, and text messages. Some examples of how we can help include: finding and accessing full-text articles, recommending appropriate databases, and checking the online catalog for specific materials. If more in-depth research is needed, patrons may be referred to the appropriate librarian for a research consultation. Services that cannot be provided include, but are not limited to: editing or reviewing research papers, answering specific assignment questions, and providing technical support.


WSU Libraries is committed to providing an inclusive experience to all library users, ensuring that our services and programs are accessible to all patrons. Please refer to our Libraries Accessibility page for more information. Individuals with disabilities who need more assistance may inquire with the Access Center, Washington Building, Second Floor (phone 509-335-3417, Washington State University does not provide legal declarations related to materials in our collection. WSU Libraries staff is available to answer basic questions and locate materials in legal and medical resources. Library staff cannot provide services that might be interpreted as practicing law or medicine, such as locating relevant cases, interpreting statutes, recommending a research strategy, and legal/medical advice. This policy is not only for the protection of our users, but also violates the rules and laws governing the practice of law and medicine.

Library Instruction

WSU Libraries addresses the facilitation of goal four of the seven UCORE Learning Goals: Information Literacy. Library instruction sessions are specifically tailored to a class’ assigned research. As such, it is recommended that faculty schedule the session at least 7 days in advance. Further, it is expected that faculty will attend with their students. The faculty member’s presence emphasizes the importance of research and ensures that the instruction meets the needs of the class.


WSU Libraries does not proctor exams. If you need an exam proctored, check your syllabus for proctoring requirements, since needs may vary depending on the class and exam. It is a good idea to schedule proctoring well in advance to make sure you will have the services, space, and time you need.

Research Assistance

WSU Libraries is committed to providing research assistance to the WSU community and area residents. One of the main points of contact for these services is the Reference Desk, where questions can be quickly answered. For more in-depth research help, patrons should schedule a research consultation with the librarian in the discipline. Services that cannot be provided at the Reference Desk includes, but is not limited to: proofreading students’ essays, software training, interpreting legal or medical statuses, and performing repairs or software installations on patrons’ laptops.

Research Consultations

“Book a Librarian” is a one-on-one research consultation with a librarian for extensive, in-depth research assistance. Meetings must be made 24-hours in advance. After you choose a time and submit the booking, you will receive an email confirmation with the librarian’s name for the date and time requested. Consultations can be facilitated face-to-face, virtually, via telephone, online chat, or email.