Search It Upgrade

Upgrade to Search It, June 2022

Our vendor has scheduled an upgrade to the WSU Libraries’ catalog, Search It, for June 28th, 2022.

New features available upon June upgrade

  • New records will populate into the catalog much more quickly;
  • Item availability windows will load faster;
  • An Auto-Complete feature will help users complete search queries and/or suggest topics;
  • The Search-Inside feature will allow users to search for articles within journal titles;
  • The Journals Browse feature will incorporate both print and electronic materials; and
  • We will have better control over how search results are ranked, so certain record types, such as articles, books, and e-books, will be boosted and surface higher in search results.

Potential impacts to your saved data in Search It

  • Search History is no longer being stored by the vendor and therefore will not be migrated.
  • Items added to My Favorites>Saved Records will be migrated automatically for each patron.
  • Items added to My Favorites>Saved Searches will not be migrated.
If you wish to keep your saved searches, please copy them outside of the catalog before June 28th, 2022 so that you can re-enter them after the upgrade. See video below for a walkthrough of this process. If you have any questions, please contact If you don’t wish to preserve your saved queries, no action is necessary. My Favorites area in Search It [Image showing My Favorites area in Search It, along with Saved Records, Saved Searches, and Search History areas

How to Save Searches Before the Upgrade