Research Exchange web accessibility statement

At WSU Libraries, we strive to make our web content accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. We are endeavoring to improve the accessibility of Research Exchange by actively testing the interface and remediating legacy materials. When we become aware of accessibility issues, we report them to our current vendor, Ex Libris. We will use this page to track known accessibility concerns as we become aware of them.

Known accessibility issues

We performed an accessibility audit of Research Exchange in August 2021 and encountered issues with color contrast, alt text, and tags for widgets. We will add to our report as issues are identified and escalate concerns to Ex Libris as we learn of them. Please contact with any issues you may encounter.

For more information about this platform, see the Esploro Accessibility Conformance Report (VPAT produced by Ex Libris).

Submitting accessible materials to Research Exchange

We ask researchers submitting materials to Research Exchange to abide by best practices for document and media accessibility. If you need assistance interpreting accessibility guidance, contact or consult the following resources:

Contact Us

If you have difficulty accessing materials in Research Exchange, please contact and let us know. We will provide you with an accessible version or otherwise work to address your concerns.