Patron Conduct Policies

Diversity & Inclusion

WSU Libraries is dedicated to providing a positive, welcoming, and enriching environment for all members of the community. We value diversity of thought, perspective, experience, and background, and are actively committed to a culture of inclusion and respect. We ask that you show consideration and respect towards one another.

If you experience or witness any questionable behavior in the Libraries, we encourage you to approach a staff member. If you have concerns for your personal safety or the safety of others, please contact WSU Campus Police directly.

Computer Usage

WSU Libraries support the principles of intellectual freedom. Priority on these computer terminals is for accessing library databases and supporting research and coursework. WSU Libraries reserves the right to require any library patron to discontinue WSU’s computers in a manner that violates WSU’s computing & network use policies or applicable laws.

Disruptive Behavior

Activities which interfere with efforts to make the WSU Libraries a safe and quiet place for study, reading, and research are prohibited.

  • Noise & Conversations
    • To ensure that a quiet atmosphere is maintained, behave in a manner conducive to study and research. In heavy use areas, such as the Circulation Desk or Reference area, please keep noise levels at a minimum.
  • Quiet Study Lounge
    • The Quiet Study Lounge is intended for individual, silent study. Study groups should use group study rooms in other areas of the Libraries.

Food & Drink

Food and beverages are allowed in the WSU Libraries. All who use the Libraries are expected to be responsible and courteous to others by disposing of trash and recyclables, and by cleaning up any messes. No food or beverages are permitted in Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections (MASC). WSU Libraries reserve the right to reconsider their food and drink policy.

Solicitation, Photography, & Videotaping

Per BPPM 50.21, solicitors must have prior approval before contacting WSU faculty, staff, and students. In the Holland/Terrell Libraries and the Owen Library, photography and videography are permitted only for non-commercial purposes and with prior consent from the Libraries Administrative Office (509.335.4558). For the Animal Health Library, please consult with them directly on Wegner Hall policies.

Tobacco, Alcohol, & Marijuana

Tobacco products of any kind, including vaping and chewing tobacco, are not allowed in the Libraries. In accordance with WSU Executive Policy #20, “consumption or possession of alcohol in public areas of any University-owned or -controlled property is generally prohibited….”. The use, possession, manufacture, or distribution of marijuana and other controlled substances anywhere on campus is prohibited by federal law and is a violation of our community standards. Medical marijuana use is also prohibited on campus.


Washington State University prohibits weapons of any kind on campus. Anyone possessing or using any weapon (real or simulated) in any library facility is prohibited and will be reported to WSU Police.