Instruction Support

Below are examples of the types of instruction support that librarians offer; however, if you have ideas of your own, we would be happy to hear them.

Course-Specific Workshops

Students will join a librarian in a computer lab or in their classroom for some hands-on practice with specialized research tools relevant to their assignment or discipline.

Global Campus Classes

For online courses and campuses without access to a physical library, all of our instruction sessions can also be held virtually or supported through online library guides.

Embedded Librarians

Moving beyond a single library session, an embedded librarian collaborates with the instructor to assist students with their research throughout the duration of the course. A dedicated embedded librarian can provide course- and assignment-specific resources, offer assistance directly through BlackBoard, and/or teach one or more customized sessions in person or virtually. Suitable for online or in-person classes.

Curriculum Planning

Our goal is to develop structures whereby information literacy skills are scaffolded throughout a student’s degree program in the appropriate courses. This approach allows us to build information literacy incrementally over the degree.

Assignment Consultations

Send us a draft copy of your research assignment in advance and let us help suggest ways to incorporate broad information literacy objectives into your assignments.

Departmental Sessions

These visits are designed specifically for departments or units to help keep up-to-date on new resources, formats, and library collections issues in your discipline.