How to use the Audio Lab

The Audio Lab is located in the Dimensions Lab in the Holland Library You must make a reservation to use the Audio Lab. You must be a current WSU
  • student,
  • staff
  • faculty (including emeritus)
Show your Cougar Card or state-issued picture ID when you arrive and give your ID number. Show a confirmation of your booking to staff at the Library Circulation Desk upon arrival. You will be required to sign an Audio Lab Checkout agreement upon checkout at the circulation desk. If we update the form, we may require you to sign again You can check out The Audio Lab for 4 hours a day, with no renewals. You can check out The Audio Lab once a week and sessions may be booked up to 2 weeks in advance. Food and Drink are not allowed in the Audio Lab. The Audio Lab will be unlocked for you by circulation staff. If you need to leave the space at anytime, you must lock the door behind you, but be sure to bring your ID with you to regain access. The door can be unlocked by Dimensions Lab student staff or circulation desk staff, but you must show your ID for re-entry. You must return to the circulation desk on time to initiate the return process prior to the end of a session.

Agreement to use the Audio Lab

The Libraries cannot be held responsible for
  • Your health and safety.
  • Your lost, missing, or damaged personal equipment.
You agree that you will
  • Practice safe recording practices to prevent loud volumes and feedback that could damage hearing or equipment.
  • Use the Audio Lab in a manner consistent with WSU’s Computer and Network Use Policies.
  • Visit the Circulation desk to initiate the Audio Lab check-in process ON TIME.
  • Allow time for the library staff to verify the Audio Lab equipment and space when I initiate check-in of the space.
  • Save data to a USB flash drive or other external storage media (data on the hard disk will be deleted).
  • Notify the Library’s Circulation Desk Staff immediately if any component of the Audio Lab is damaged, lost or malfunctions.
  • Lock and secure the door if I need to leave during my session. When available, Dimensions Lab Assistants can unlock to provide reentry, otherwise Circulation Desk staff can unlock when available.
  • Wipe down the desk, keyboard and mouse with provided antibacterial wipes immediately prior to session end.
  • Accompany library staff to check-in and review all components in the Audio Lab.
You agree to
  • not use the Audio Lab in violation of copyright law
  • not install software on the Audio Lab workstation. We remove all files from the Audio Lab workstation regularly.
  • not bring food or drink into the Audio Lab. You must leave these items outside the lab.

Fines and fees

If Audio Lab equipment is lost, stolen, or damaged while checked out to you, you may owe as much as $1,500. If Audio Lab is not checked-in on time, we will fine you $50 per hour. If you bring food or drink into the lab, we will fine you $50.