BrowZine Email Notifications Now Available

Email notifications from BrowZine are now available for WSU Libraries’ subscribed patrons. An interface provided by the company Third Iron, BrowZine allows patrons to browse and stay current with the electronic journals in their academic fields. BrowZine provides multiple entry points to connect with scholarly materials, including from within WSU Libraries’ Search It and via the BrowZine web and mobile applications.

Email notifications are a benefit for users who opt to create a free BrowZine account. BrowZine accounts are available for libraries that subscribe to Third Iron Complete.

Once a week, BrowZine will check to see if new articles have been published in any of the journals patrons are following on their “My Bookshelf” tab. If so, an email will be sent on Monday morning (Central U.S. time) showing which journals have new articles and containing a link to easily read them.

If you would like to receive email notifications more frequently, or not at all, simply update your email subscription preferences.

Visit the WSU Libraries’ web page to learn more about using BrowZine. For more information about the BrowZine email feature, please see this knowledge base article or contact Third Iron ( with any questions.