July 31: New WSU Libraries’ Research Database Goes Live

WSU Libraries will roll out a new research database to replace Lexis Nexis Academic on July 31. The new database, Nexis Uni, was designed with millennial students in mind, featuring personalization, collaboration and quick discovery components.


“Lexis Nexis Academic is one of the most heavily used databases that the WSU Libraries provide,” said Mary Gilles, WSU’s business and economics librarian. “Nexis Uni significantly increases user capabilities. It provides an intuitive interface, the ability to search across all content, personalization features such as alerts and saved searches, and a collaborative workspace with shared folders and annotated documents. Nexis Uni will greatly facilitate group projects for our students.”

Most of the content from Lexis Nexis Academic is moving to Nexis Uni, although a few source categories will not be available, Gilles said. Patrons will gain access to some new sources, however, such as expanded congressional materials, additional business sources, federal regulatory content and new international news sources.

“Overall, students can expect the same comprehensive news, business and legal information,” she said. “As the product progresses, there will be access to more sources than previously available in Lexis Nexis Academic.”

The new database was developed with feedback from college students, who were asked by the company to describe their ideal research experience. The prototype was tested with student focus groups as well.

To learn more about the new database, visit the library guide at http://libguides.libraries.wsu.edu/c.php?g=700197.