Riverpoint Campus Library Changes its Name to Spokane Academic Library

The 25th anniversary of WSU Spokane’s creation is cause for celebration as well as reflection on where the campus has been and where it is going.

An important change to the campus description has been slowly evolving as we engage with more partners outside of Spokane and as we try to market our respective universities. While “Riverpoint campus” has served its purpose well, it does not communicate “university.” For that reason, WSU and Eastern Washington University are phasing out the use of “Riverpoint campus” and will simply refer to their respective programs as WSU Spokane or EWU Spokane.

As part of this transition, the shared library will now be called the Spokane Academic Library, adding EWU or WSU as appropriate.

For those using software to access books or other specific services, please look for Spokane Academic Library (and either EWU or WSU) effective as soon as we make the software changes.

For more about the Spokane Academic Library, visit the webpage at http://spokane.wsu.edu/services2/library/general-information.html.