Cougar Kids Camp Visit Is Part of Libraries K-12 Outreach

How many books can a Washington State University student check out at a time? What magazine is at call number 901 B772i? And how many copies of “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” does the WSU Libraries own?


About 80 K-6 students attending Cougar Kids Camp Mini Cougar Week learned the answers (299; “Ideas and Men;” and six) during a visit this week to Holland and Terrell libraries. The visit – combined with a related “treasure hunt” through book stacks, archives and landmarks – introduced the youngsters to the world of an academic library.

“Cougar Kids come to campus during Mini Cougar Week to experience what a real college student might do here,” said Corey Johnson, WSU Libraries’ head of library instruction. “But this visit is also a way to underscore to kids that we do have a juvenile section and that they can use our libraries too.”

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