Improvements to Search It Implemented May 12


Starting on May 12, the WSU community will see a number of improvements and increased functionality within Search It.  Listed below are an explanation of these changes:

  • Permalinks will let you copy and paste a link from Search It to your notes, paper, or any document you may be working on.  This gives you a shortcut directly back to the Search It record.
  • Citation formatting will become much easier.  Search It will format citations into APA, MLA, and Chicago / Turabian, which you will be able to copy and paste into a document.  (Remember, that any citation tool will make frequent mistakes.  Always check for mistakes.)
  • Improved presentation of availability status of items, correcting a glitch in previous versions of Search It.
  • Deep-linking to the e-journal A to Z list.
  • Local notes for items will now appear in Search It.  This will facilitate improved searching for archival and other local items within the Alliance.