Upcoming Event: Everybody Reads 2013!

The WSU Libraries are co-sponsors of the Palouse-area Everybody Reads program. This year, the selection is Tree Soldier, by J.L. (Janice) Oakley. Copies of the book are available at the WSU Libraries, Neill Public Library, and other libraries in the region. A local author reading/event will be held at 6:30pm on Thursday November 14th at Neill Public Library (see http://everybody-reads.org/ for more information and a complete schedule of events)

Tree Soldier: A Novel of the Civilian Conservation Corps, inspired by stories told by the author’s mother.

“One mistake can ruin a life. One mistake can transform it. A government forestry camp set deep in the mountainous forests of the Pacific Northwest might not seem the likely place to find redemption, but in 1935, Park Hardesty hopes for just that. Blaming himself for the fiery accident that caused his brother’s disfigurement and the death of the bootlegging woman he loved, planting trees, building bridges and mentoring tough, homesick New Jersey boys brings him both penitence and the renewal of his own self-worth. When he wins the love of Kate Alford, a local naturalist who envisions joining the Forest Service, which allows only men, he also captures the ire of a camp officer who refuses to let her go. Just when he is ready to seek his brother’s forgiveness, he is falsely accused of rape. Every aspect of his life he has tried to rebuild is put in jeopardy. In the end, the only way he can defend himself is to tell the truth about his brother, but he risks being kicked out of the camp. Worse, he could lose Kate’s love forever.”