Is plagiarism a problem at WSU?

A nationwide study of plagiarism and cheating in universities revealed the following facts:

  • 57% of faculty agree or strongly agree that it is a serious problem
  • 32% disagree that it is a problem, 46% don’t know, and 22% agree that it is a problem
  • students think “plagiarism on written assignments” occurs often or very often (45%), 43% say seldom, students think “inappropriate sharing in group assignments” occurs often or very often (60%), 3% say seldom
  • 9% of WSU students report having copied on an exam, 34% say they collaborated, 39% (compared to U.S. 44%) say they’ve done written ‘cut and paste’, and 37% say they’ve done Internet ‘cut and paste’

Here’s what other readers of this website have to say about Plagiarism at WSU:

  1. ”I do not think that it is. I have not experienced any intentional plagiarism only problems with knowing how to cite.”
  2. ”yes, I’ve noticed a lot of people doing it and I’m just one person”
  3. ”I don’t think plagiarism is a big problem at WSU because I don’t do it and niether do my friends.”